ER Tape™ The Original Emergency Repair Tape

Emergency Repair Tape is the original multi purpose self-fusing silicone rubber non-adhesive repair tape Made in the USA.

ER Tape™ can be used to fix or repair just about anything and is suitable wherever a tough, permanently resilient, void-free insulation is required.


The best Self-Fusing Silicone Tape‎ in the market.

- Steve Hofstetter

Arrived quickly, repair tape is resistant to extreme temperature.

- Brian Regan

Great for plumbing repairs, promptly shipped, well packaged. What more could you ask for?

- John Doe

This tape is amazing. Fixed my Ariat boots my dog took a chunk of rubber from.

- Vegar Moen

Fix Almost Anything!

Great for Plumbing, Electrical, Auto & Marine applications!

Fix Leaks Fast
ER Tape™ is invaluable as a quick leak repair for garden hoses, pool or shop vacuums, pipes and tubes, marine hoses, etc.
Insulate Wires and Cables
ER Tape™ has electric insulation properties. It is rated at over 400 volts per mil of thickness. It can be used on automotive wiring harnesses, electrical cords, even high voltage assemblies.
Home and Garden
ER Tape™ has hundreds of uses around the home! Use it to bundle items, wrap tool and sporting goods handles, even use it to graft tree branches and hold up plants.

#1 Heat Resistant Repair Tape!

ER Tape™ a Self-Fusing Silicone Tape ‎creates a permanent water tight, air tight, high pressure seal instantly that is impervious to extreme temperature, gasolines, and acid.


Heat Resistant Electrical Repair Tape for Automotive

Heat resistant
Outdoor multipurpose
patching and insulation
trailer repair
wrap and repair
exhaust repair
radiator hose repair
Muffler repair
Leak fix tape
Hose repair tape
Car heater hose repair


Colored Electrical multipurpose repair tape

High Voltage Terminations
Electrical Protection
Grip Protection
Marine Bumper Use
Marine Exhaust and Hose Repairs
Motor Lead Insulation
Plumbing Repair
Professional electrical repairs
Electrical cords repair


All weather waterproof repair tape

Fishing grip tape
Insulating generator Coils
Sailboat chafe protection
Salt waterproof wrap
Sealing electrical Connections
Waterproofing repair Tape
Wet and underwater surfaces


Fix Almost Anything with Emergency Repair Tape

Shovel Handle Wrap
Temporary Hose Repairs
Tool Grip
Tool Handle Wrapping
Underwater Uses
Vacuum Cleaner Hose Repairs
Weatherproofing Electrical Connections
Drywall Repair Tape
Vinyl repair tape
Plumbing repair tape
Patching tape

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As Seen on Stacey David's Gearz

Stacey David is the host of the TV series GearZ on Speed TV. He has worked on numerous vehicle modification and repair projects. Many of these projects are unique in terms of the final results.


Lidia Coffelt

Perfect quality at a great price! ER Tape is the best self-fusing silicone tape‎. It worked when nothing else would.

Glen Ishikawa

Amazing underwater tape for pools This is an excellent repair tape for plumbers like myself!

Marvis Griese

Thumbs up for this amazing Self-Fusing Silicone Tape‎ that works great for plumbing.Free and fast shipping!

Arthur Durling

Worth every cent. Great for automotive and electrical repairs! Fast shipping.


Originally developed for the US Military to replace vinyl tape, ER Tape™ is now a standard item in all US Army vehicles and tanks as apart of their emergency battle damage repair kit





self bonding silicone rubber tape

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self bonding silicone rubber tape

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